I Swapped My Pricey Baking Sheets for This $40 3-Piece Set and It’s the Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

For several years, I was using a $85 3-piece set from a leading direct-to-consumer brand but just wasn’t happy with how they were holding up — they were warped and discolored. Although I admittedly am a lazy cook and try to make meals as low-maintenance as possible, especially after a long day at work. I use my baking sheets at least several times a week to whip up vegetables, fish, frozen pizzas, and the occasional batch of cookies, so I knew that I was due for an upgrade.

blistered peas-in-the-pod with lemon and salt

Even though my kids are not yet on summer break and even though I, as an adult, do not have a thing called a summer break, I’ve apparently helped myself to one. I’m sneaking off to the beach on weekdays (oops), reading novels, gorging myself on cherries and crisp-from-the-market cucumbers, playing midday tennis like a lady who lunches, and getting vexed when I receive work-related emails and texts. [“Alex, why are they texting me on a Sunday?” “Deb, it’s Tuesday.”]

blistered peas-in-the-pod-1

I went to the small Greenmarket in my neighborhood yesterday with no plan except to buy more cucumbers and cherries and hoped I’d find something inspiring, forgetting that in June, everything is. I was filling my bag with three types of zucchini, peaches, onions, sugar snaps, green and yellow beans, beefsteak tomatoes, and fresh peas when I spotted the chef-owner of a favorite neighborhood restaurant across the table. As I am incapable of not excitedly prattling on about cooking the moment I see the smallest even totally unsolicited opportunity to, I asked what he was planning to do with the romano beans he was bagging (pressure cook, it turns out — so cool!) and I was about to ask him if he’d ever grilled peas in their pods whole and eaten them like edamame… and abruptly realized that I don’t think I’ve ever told you that we should be grilling peas in their pods whole and eating them like edamame. So I rushed home to do just that, delighted to have succeeded in finding something to keep my focus on work for the rest of the afternoon.

blistered peas-in-the-pod-2

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