Here’s What Ina Garten Is Making for New Year’s Eve — Pop Culture

The bubbly is cold, the cheese is coming to room temp, and you have your best party outfit on (a shimmering gold top is always a good idea). You are officially ready for whatever festivities are going on tonight. Or at least I hope you are? If you’re still looking for some inspiration for a last-minute New Year’s Eve party at home, take it from Ina Garten and go for something totally classy and rustic.


Dream a Little Dream: A Film for Your New Year

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year!

On this pivotal day of our year I thought it would be nice to step back and air something again that is close to my heart and which represents my highest aspirations for the company: helping people to live better on any budget and at any age. While we center on the youthful part of life, the lessons are evergreen.

So here it is. Way back in 2014 we celebrated our tenth year and, feeling particularly youthful, we decided to make a short film for fun inspired by YOU ALL, Woody Allen, Charlie Chaplin and this amazing song by The von Trapps & Pink Martini. We invite you to take a few minutes to watch and send it to your friends. Full credits are below.

Best, Maxwell Ryan
CEO & Founder


Make Melty Hot Swiss and Ham Pinwheels Right Now — Delicious Links

I grew up in the Midwest, which means pinwheels were a part of every family gathering. Usually they were just flatbread rolled up with cheese and some meat and speared with a toothpick, but sometimes they were more than that. Sometimes my aunt or my mom would put them in the oven so they’d get a little melty, or add a couple leaves of spinach so they were a little more “healthy” (note: most of the “salads” at my family gatherings involve marshmallows).

If you’re looking for the best version of this nostalgic appetizer, then I highly recommend you check out this classic-ish hot ham and Swiss pinwheel number from The Recipe Critic. They are so ooey-gooey and she uses a tube of crescent roll dough (!!), which DUH is just so brilliant.


Our 10 Easiest Low-Carb Dinner Recipes — Recipes from The Kitchn

Between packed schedules and busy days at work, school, or home, we’re all constantly on the hunt for easy dinners to add to our kitchen rosters — regardless of any dietary preferences we might have. But if you’re trying to eat low-carb, we’ve got 10 super-simple recipes to satisfy your needs. They’re also delicious enough that they’ll please those at the dinner table who might not be eating the same way you are, which is always a win.


Recipe: White Noise Cocktail — Recipes from The Kitchn

This is one of our most popular drinks. It has been on the menu at Portland Hunt + Alpine Club since we opened without a break, and it is a drink that we are incredibly proud of. It’s simple yet pleases many different types of guests on multiple levels.

First and foremost, it’s so delicious that almost everyone enjoys it. Slightly sweet without being syrupy, it’s a perfect drink to sip while deciding on din­ner. It uses Cocchi Americano Bianco, a product imported from Italy that uses wine as its base. The wine is fortified, sweetened, and aromatized, leaving a pleasing play between sweetness and bitterness on the tongue. (It is an ingredient that even the geekiest cocktailian would be happy to serve a crowd.)

Our staff loves this drink because it’s very simple to make round after round (and they do get ordered by the table), so you’ll find it is a very easy drink to batch at home for a party as well. Finally, this drink is great because it’s low in alcohol; it is a great spacer when you feel like you don’t want something strong, and it’s wonderful to sip all night long when you’re just not in the mood for stronger spirits.


The Best January Aldi Finds to Start 2019 Off on the Right Foot — Shopping

With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching, we got a sneak peak at the Aldi Finds that will hit stores in January. (Not familiar with Aldi Finds? Every Wednesday, Aldi grocery stores around the country bring new products into rotation for a limited time. And they’re called, you guessed it, Aldi Finds. These special products can be anything from frozen pizzas with fun toppings, to drawer organizers, and even trampolines.)

January’s Aldi Finds are mostly grocery items — although there are $20 Lightweight Cast Iron Dutch Ovens and Braisers coming out on January 2 — and we quickly noticed three main themes. There’s healthy stuff, snack-y items for the Super Bowl, and treats for Valentine’s Day.

Here are the 10 Aldi Finds for January that we’re the most excited about.


Open-Faced Sandwiches for a Crowd — Recipes from The Kitchn

We think sandwiches are easily one of the best foods out there. We love how creative you can get with ingredients that go between two pieces of bread. The same goes for open-faced sandwiches, of course, which are what you’ll find on our smorgasbord. It’s funny how a sandwich just tastes better when you pile toppings as high as they’ll go and throw out that top slice. (Though you are free to use a top slice too — we won’t tell.)


Our Favorite Meat-Free Meal Plans This Year — Next Week’s Meal Plan

My family is about as omnivorous as they come, but we eat vegetarian meals regularly and often dedicate whole weeks of our meal plans to eating meatless. Choosing vegetable-, grain-, and legume-based dinners helps us try new foods, eat more produce, and keep our grocery budget in check.

This week instead of sharing my personal meal plan, which is frankly eating up candy canes and leftover cheeses, I’ve rounded up our 10 most popular vegetarian meal plans from the last year.


This Dad Made His Kid a Play Kitchen That’s Nicer than Yours — Food News

Little kids love play kitchens, where they can pretend to be just like their parents — chopping, slicing, searing, and baking, with none of the yelling about how they’re about to burn themselves or poke an eye out. You’ve seen them — they’re usually clunky plastic in bright colors that just add to the visual disaster that having children turns your house into. But that wasn’t going to cut it for Reddit user mcsoup88.


Pedialyte Has Finally Embraced the Adult Hangover — Food News

New Year’s Eve is synonymous with hangovers. You go out with your friends, drink a little too much bubbly around midnight, wake up the next morning, and, well, you probably know what a hangover feels like. It’s not fun. So, what’s your hangover cure? Do you reach for a jug of water, some Advil, and a bagel? Or do you have another trick up your sleeve?

If you have kids in the house, there’s a good chance you know about Pedialyte, a drink that is normally associated with helping kids stay hydrated, especially when they’re sick. If you’ve been using the kids’ drink as your own personal hangover cure, you’re not alone, and now the company has FINALLY acknowledged that it’s an “adult” beverage, too.