5 Tips for Better Salad Dressing — Tips from The Kitchn

Salad dressing can sometimes seem like an afterthought, something to quickly pick up at the supermarket while we focus more on the greens and toppings. But think about it this way: Dressing is like the music score to a movie, the undercurrent that weaves its way through the entire experience. A good dressing, like a good music score, works with every part of the salad and rounds everything out into a complete package, so it’s worth a little bit more attention.

Make a homemade salad dressing with these tips in mind, and your next salad will be a perfect harmony of delicious dressing, greens, and toppings!


How Do We Handle Our Overly Flirty Friend? — #askingforafriend

We have this friend, a former fraternity brother of my boyfriend’s, and he’s a great guy, but he can’t seem to leave our female friends alone. When we invite him over, he attaches himself to at least one of our lady guests, ignoring all signals of disinterest, and follows her around all night. If he doesn’t get a phone number, he asks us the next day. We’re beginning to think this guy is too lazy to join Tinder and that he just uses our parties as his personal dating service. On the rare occasion he hits it off with one of our friends, it never goes past the second date. Awkwardness ensues, and we end up playing a game of Him-or-Her for our next party. How can we keep him from using our place to troll for girlfriends?

Not a Matchmaker

Dear NaM,

He sounds awesome. (Just kidding.) I have an honest question: What’s so great about this guy? Once you’ve figured out why (or if) you really need him at your parties, I can answer your question.