This Pioneer Woman Instant Pot Costume Is Halloween Gold — Happy Halloween

I am happy to report that I have found the best Halloween costume for an adult of 2018. Juan Ruiz dressed up as the Pioneer Woman’s new floral Instant Pot and no other costume comes close to being so funny. You might as well just go home now, because nothing can top this. I’m sorry, your “spooky witch” costume is not going to cut it this year.


Reese’s Will Trade Your Lamest Halloween Candy for Peanut Buttery Goodness — Happy Halloween

Last week, the city of High Point, North Carolina, announced that it would be stepping in to prevent its citizens from handing out those gross peanut butter kiss candies. “Alright everybody, we’re giving you a one-week notice as you prepare for trick-or-treaters to remind y’all that by order of the City of High Point Emperor of Acceptable Candy (it’s a real thing), these are banned,” the City of High Point Government wrote on Facebook. “No one likes them, don’t give them out.”


These Mini Ina Garten Halloween Costumes Are Giving Us Life — Happy Halloween

This Halloween, if you can’t summon the flames directly from hell, dress your kids up like Ina and Jeffrey instead! Is that how that classic Ina Halloween meme goes? No?

I’m here to report that the entire Kitchn staff is officially deceased after seeing these toddlers dressed up like our beloved Ina and Jeffrey, gracing the Internet with their absolutely perfect presence. To all the parents who had the foresight to purchase child-sized chambray button-down shirts in time for Halloween, you’re the real MVPs.


sunken black forest cake

My kids will be at least 25% candy for the rest of the week, as the season demands. If it doesn’t come individually wrapped, if the first, second, or third ingredient isn’t chocolate, a food dye, or high fructose corn syrup, if it doesn’t have a marketing tie-in with Spongebob or Legos, they’re not eating it. Which means, since they’ve now definitely left the room, we get this cake all for us. You’re welcome, because we’re not going to share it anyway.

some things you'll needchopped chocolatebutter, chocolate, yolkswhipped whites

This whole fall — save a brief but devoted two weeks of apple pie studies — I have craved chocolate almost nonstop, and I don’t mean at perfunctory square of 72% and calling it a day. I mean, chocolate éclairs and chocolate brownies and molten chocolate cakes and chocolate pot de cremes and so when I spied this riff on a black forest cake in Julia Turshen’s new cookbook, Now & Again, I really couldn’t think about anything else until I made it.

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7 Serving Pieces That Look Expensive, but Definitely Aren’t — Shopping

There’s something so incredibly satisfying about your dinner guests fawning over your “super fancy” plates when, deep down, you know you only paid 50 cents each. (Whether or not you come clean and tell the truth/brag about it is totally your call!)

With the holidays coming up — and lots of sales currently going on — we decided to round up some of the best deals we’ve seen online. These serving pieces are all ridiculously good looking and on sale for way less than they have any right to be.


The Top 10 Halloween Treats of All Time (and How to Make Them — The Easy Way!) — The Halloween Top 10

Halloween is here — and secretly, I think it’s the most amazing time for food-lovers and their kids. Why? You get to play with your food!

Our collective digital feeds are filled at present with cute spider sandwiches and bat-wing cookies, but this is not a modern phenomenon. For nearly a century, there has been pressure on parents to rise to the occasion of Halloween. Women’s magazines shaped modern Halloween treats long before Pinterest and Instagram, helping parents make Halloween treats that satisfied children’s desires to be grossed-out, tickled-silly, and, most of all, delighted with this darkly magical holiday.

We took a look back at nearly 100 years of iconic Halloween treats and chose the top 10. If you’re ready to finally try to make one (or all!) yourself, you can’t go wrong with any of these picks. They’re all classic, they’re all easy, and they’re our favorite Halloween treats of all time. Get ready.


Um, Does Costco Expect Me to Pour Milk from These? — Grocery News

Costco is pretty much king of kings when it comes to bulk items. There’s unnaturally large tubs of cream cheese, mammoth teddy bears, and pallets of salmon as big as your bed. Costco is also a great place to score your supermarket staples, from butter to batteries. With so much fantastic stuff coming out of the bulk-item juggernaut, there’s hardly been any reason to complain about them.

Well, that is, unless you buy the milk there.


10 Treat Recipes That Use Up Halloween Candy — Recipes from The Kitchn

After you’ve had your fill of fun-size candy bars, Starbursts, Jolly Ranchers, and peanut butter cups, you can give all that candy new life by whipping up a batch of sweet treats. That’s right — candy in just about any form is the quick and easy upgrade that makes no-bake bars, snack mix, brownies, and cupcakes even better. Here’s some inspiration to get you started!


The 17 Essential Methods for Cooking Chicken — Tips from The Kitchn

If you really want to up your skills when it comes to making chicken dinners, I firmly believe in learning basic cooking methods rather than stocking up on recipes. You see, a recipe will give you a single meal — but get the foundation of a few cooking techniques down, then add a little inspiration, and your dinner possibilities are nearly endless.

Consider this your cheat sheet for all the essential ways to cook chicken. Whether you want to cook chicken breasts or thighs, or you want to use a slow cooker or Instant Pot, we’ve got everything you need here.


15 Slow Cooker Recipes for New Cooks — Recipes from The Kitchn

If you’re getting your feet wet and learning your way around the kitchen right now, it’s time to break out that slow cooker stashed away in the far reaches of a cabinet or closet. This is one of the most helpful appliances any cook (but particularly new cooks) can have by their side.

A slow cooker opens up the world of hands-off cooking. It can deliver meals that save you during hectic weeks; help you recreate budget-friendly takeout favorites; and make big batches of things like soup, tender rice, and juicy shredded chicken. Here are 15 easy recipes to get you started.