25 Creative People Share Their Favorite Pints of Ice Cream — My Favorite Pint

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When you’re hanging out in the frozen aisle of the grocery store, what pint of ice cream calls out your name? Is it something nostalgic like vanilla? Something you and your mom used to eat together? Or do you gravitate towards something a little more sophisticated like salted caramel, or a local brand that just does ice cream better than everyone else?

For the month of June, I asked 25 people in various creative fields (mostly food) to tell us their favorite pints of ice cream. From TV personalties like Giada de Laurentiis to chefs like Dale Talde, these 25 individuals have strong feelings on the subject and have stories to accompany their choices. Go ahead and get inspired for your next shopping trip.


How I Decluttered My Kitchen Junk Drawer — Before & After

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I don’t believe in junk drawers. It’s not that I don’t believe they exist — they’re a fixture in something like 99 percent of American homes — I just don’t believe they’re necessary. Every drawer should have a reason for being. A junk drawer is just waiting to find its true calling.

So, it’s a little embarrassing to admit that I have a junk drawer in my kitchen. To find a vegetable peeler, I have to sift through tangles of whisk wires and food processor cords. I’ve been telling myself that it’s just in need of a little organizing, but the truth is this drawer’s a dump. Here’s how I decluttered my delusions and gave this drawer back its sense of purpose.


Kitchn Food Editor Hali Bey Ramdene’s Favorite Pint of Ice Cream — My Favorite Pint

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Kitchn’s Food Editor, Hali Bey Ramdene, is the kind of person you can have deep, interesting conversations with about the similarities between Kim Kardashian and Caesar salad (more on that later this summer). She’s an incredibly thoughtful writer, and genuinely cares about helping people get dinner on the table. Sometimes that translates to brilliant recipes or a smart series on educating your eye at the grocery store, and sometimes that just means finding the perfect after-dinner treat (i.e., ice cream).


Powdered Buttermilk Is the Better Alternative to Wasted Buttermilk — Take the Easy Way Out

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My grandparents used to pour buttermilk into a drinking glass full of cornbread and eat it with a spoon. Nana called it clabber, and as much as I liked some of the unfamiliar treats at their house, this one was not for me. In retrospect, it might have been more appealing in a bowl … or maybe not.

Anyhow, my point is that I have no interest in large containers of buttermilk, because most recipes call for a half-cup or less, and no way am I drinking the rest. What’s a cook who would hate to waste a half-gallon of buttermilk to do?

Go for the powdered stuff!


Junior High 4th of July — Holiday Menus from The Kitchn

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There’s something about summer that reminds me of food from my junior high days — sipping Capri Suns at the neighborhood pool or riding bicycles to a matinee and eating nachos with neon yellow cheese in the air conditioning. Food was almost always there as backdrop for the moment and rarely the point.

With a similar spirit in mind, we put together a 4th of July menu fueled by nostalgia for that simplicity and ease. Perhaps that memory is clouded by time, but for one day this summer, we’re indulging in the revelry and taking advantage of the shortcuts and ingredients that keep us out of the kitchen and at the party instead.

We found that almost everyone craves these classic flavors too. From sweet, sticky wings made even easier with bottled BBQ sauce and the slow cooker, to super-cheesy nachos, to easy ice cream cakes you make in muffin tins, here’s what to eat to transport you back to the summers of your junior high and high school glory days.


7 Tips That Will Help You Grill Like a Pro — Grilings Tips from The Kitchn

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Summer’s here and the grilling’s easy — or at least it will be. From the entrée to the side to dessert, this method of cooking is one of the quickest, most flavorful ways to make a meal. With these helpful tips, the grill will be your new go-to for everything including burgers, steaks, salads, and more.