What’s Cooking This Weekend? — Weekend of November 1-2, 2014

Happy weekend fellow cooks and treat-lovers. What’s cooking this weekend? Candy corn? Marshmallow spiders? Pumpkin rice krispie treats? I hope you have something good going on. Here are a few of my favorite Halloween posts from this past week, and a reminder: we get an extra hour to cook on Sunday, thanks to the magic of Daylight Savings Time. Happy Halloween!


Shrubs Are The New Best Thing to Hit Your Cocktail Glass — New Cookbook First Look

The book: Shrubs by Michael Dietsch

The angle: Everything you need to know about making old-fashioned shrubs and using them in modern sodas and cocktails.

Recipes for right now: Country Gentleman’s Brandy Shrub, Cinnamon-Apple Shrub, Pear Ginger Shrub, Pomegranate Shrub, Dr. Mike’s Celery Tonic, Lemon-Lime Rickey, Campari Soda, Shrubbed-Up Cosmo, Shrugroni

Who would enjoy this book? Foodie mad scientists and cocktail-lovers.


Orzo with Butternut Squash, Homemade Candy Corn, Simple Spiced Lamb Stew & Skillet Cornbread — New Recipes of The Kitchn

Have any spooky plans tonight? Or maybe later this weekend? If so, you’re going to need some treats. Let’s start with homemade candy corn, a candy-topped cupcake, and pumpkin-shaped cookies. After you’ve had all the sweets you can stuff your face with, go for the orzo with butternut squash, spinach and blue cheese, or the simple lamb stew.


Low-Fat Recipes: Slow Cooker Moose Roast

Slow Cooker Moose Roast

4.48 / 5 Stars | 41 Reviews


“I had a moose roast sitting in my freezer for a couple of months, because I had no idea how to cook it, not being a wild game fan. A friend suggested this method of cooking it and it was delicious. I made it at Christmas along with the turkey, thinking my guests could have a taste and I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about it being in my freezer anymore, but it was the hit of the dinner!”

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