The Soul of Halloween Is More Important than You Ever Imagined — Halloween Hospitality

Last year when I took my daughter and her friend trick-or-treating, they approached a brightly lit house alive with energy. The two girls knocked on the door, but no one came. Instead a woman leaned out of the window of a small kitchen crowded with people preparing a dinner party.

“I’m sorry, we don’t have any candy,” she apologized as the guests behind her scrambled around the counter in search of a suitable offering. “But … hold on … ” Milky Ways or no, they were determined to fulfill the age-old custom that when supplicants come to your door asking for food, you must give. She passed two pears from her fruit bowl through the window and dropped one into each girl’s bag. Apologies were made and thank yous exchanged as both giver and receivers laughed.

Fruit is not quite the letter of the Halloween law. But on a night when the dead roam the earth, it’s the spirit that matters.


Here’s What Your Airplane Seat Choice Says About You — Travel Intelligence

We’re all familiar with this scenario: You bought the cheapest ticket at the very last minute and when you go to choose your seat, there aren’t any left. It will be assigned at the gate, they say. This is code for: You’re sitting in the last row in the middle seat. I’m pretty sure there is no one who would actually choose this seat.

But what happens when you do get to choose? Do you choose the window or the aisle? In my experience, people tend to have strong opinions. I always (always, always, always) choose the aisle if it’s an option — and that choice may say something about me as a person, according to Dr. Becky Spelman, the chief psychologist at London’s Private Therapy Clinic.


Our 10 Healthiest Slow Cooker Recipes — Recipes from The Kitchn

When it comes to making healthy choices, we’re always looking for smart ways to make it easier. That’s why slow cooker recipes that put the emphasis on veggies, whole grains, and legumes are a big part of our meal plans. These 10 healthy recipes are the ones we turn to constantly because they are not only filled with good-for-you ingredients, but they also seem to please everyone at the kitchen table and leave us with plenty of leftovers. Here are the 10 we turn to again and again.


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Start with this list of 20 mouth-watering options. We guarantee you’ll find something that fits your taste.


3 Easy, Boozy Ways to Celebrate Halloween on a Budget — Boozy Budget Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and we want to show you just how cheap and easy it can be to gather some friends and celebrate. There’s no elaborate menu, hours in the kitchen, or fancy cocktails required. All you need is an easy-yet-impressive boozy beverage paired with a festive sweet treat. Think of this as your itty-bitty party plan!


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While baking with pumpkin can be as easy as going to the grocery store and buying a can of pumpkin purée, what if you were feeling ambitious and wanted to do the whole process yourself, starting with a whole pumpkin? Not all pumpkins are created equal and work well in cooking and baking, so here is a guide to help you pick and purchase the right ones.


5 Cute and Spooky Lunch Box Snacks for Lunch on Halloween — Recipes from The Kitchn

While trick-or-treating and all the candy-filled fun that comes with it is the highlight for kids on Halloween, there’s a school day to complete before the best part of the holiday commences. So why not tuck something special into your child’s lunch box to kick off all that fun a little early? These five sweet treats are Halloween-approved snacks that are a little spooky, extra cute, and sure to be a lunch box hit.