Instantly Upgrade Basic Muffin Mix with Shredded Carrot and Raisins — Mix Up Your Muffins

Wish you could eat carrot cake for breakfast? Muffins make it possible. Start with our basic, built-for-customizing recipe for muffins and then add a few key ingredients like shredded carrots and raisins to get you there.

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Get Ready for Starbucks’ Limited-Edition Halloween Frappuccino — Food News

(Image credit: Starbucks)

Are you sick of the Pumpkin Spice Latte yet? There’s a new limited-edition Starbucks drink that you need to know about. For the second time in a row, for just one week, Starbucks will be releasing a vampire-inspired drink.

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For Quick Breads and Muffins, Two Temperatures Are Better than One — Baking Tips from The Kitchn

There’s no question that the standard oven temperature of 350°F gets the job done for baking up muffins and quick breads. But you don’t want baked goods that just “get the job done.” No, you deserve better — and for that, you need two temperatures.

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Y Is for Chickpeas and Yogurt — The ABCs of Chickpeas

Sometimes the nutty, hearty chickpea needs a little contrast — and for that, there’s creamy, tangy yogurt. You might even say it’s the bean’s number-one fan. The beans provide the bulk and the chew, while the yogurt provides the cool, luscious mouthfeel that rounds things out. No matter how they are combined in the kitchen, it’s a match that always works.

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5 Ways to Thicken Your Soup and Turn It into a Meal — Souped Up

I love a big bowl of soup for dinner, but often I find that I need a salad and some crusty bread to really call it a meal. Thicken that soup up a bit and make it creamy and suddenly it feels like it can hold its own on the dinner table. Here are five quick and easy ways to thicken any soup and make it a meal in a bowl.

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What Do Brits Know About German Beer? — Bavarian Rhapsody

(Image credit: Melissa Ryan)

It’s that time of year: the nights are getting darker earlier, the temperatures are dropping, and Oktoberfest is happening at a bar near you. On one such recent evening, I was joined at a German-themed bar, Loreley, in New York’s Lower East Side, by Alex Gallafent, a British friend (whose latest one-man show, The Dilletante, will be performed on November 20 at the PIT Loft in New York).

We were there to sample beer — that’s what one does when it’s dark and cold out, right? — and this is our report on what we drank.

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Recipe: Caramel Apple Monkey Bread — Brilliant Bundts

Apple-picking season may be winding down, but fall baking is just starting to take off. If you already know and love monkey bread, here’s a fun fall twist to make it even more special: Tuck a small nugget of spiced apple into each dough ball and bake up a towering caramel apple monkey bread.

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Go Goth with This Gorgeous Halloween Table — Party of the Day

(Image credit: Lia Griffith)

Black is the new orange! At least, that’s what I’m thinking after looking at this pretty gothic tablescape by crafter extraordinaire Lia Griffith. It seriously makes me want to pick up a can of spray paint.

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