12 Sparkling Wines for New Year’s Eve to Fit Any Budget — Wine for All

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Personally, I can find ample excuses to enjoy sparkling wine year-round, but nothing says New Year’s Eve quite like popping a bottle of bubbly! If you’re looking for a special bottle to celebrate this last night of the year, I’ve got you covered with some great bottles, whether you are on a budget or are feeling extravagant or just want to try something new.


10 Ways to Give Your Rental Kitchen a Little Love — The Kitchn’s Best of 2014

Has anyone ever found their dream kitchen in a rental? If you have, then you are one of the lucky few! Most of us deal with rental kitchens that are less than ideal, we and have limits on how much we can do without a landlord’s approval.

But it’s comforting to know we’re in this together, we of the renters-with-an-imperfect-kitchen club. We should never forget there are small ideas and improvements out there that can make any rental kitchen better, and here are 10 ways to start thinking about that.


The Kitchn’s Most Popular Posts of September 2014 — The Kitchn’s Best of 2014


popcorn party mix

popcorn party mix

Let me get the possibly obvious out of the way: I, Deb Perelman, unapologetically, shamelessly, unwaveringly love Chex Mix. Sure, the last time I made it to the letter I was in high school and decided to have a party where we’d invite boys too (yes, I was as cool in high school as you’d expect) and it seemed so strange to me, this aggressive mix of steak sauce, spices and butter, but holy moly was it good.

what you'll need
brown butter + spices

So, let’s not pretend this is anything but a Smitten Kitchen homage to this beloved mix, — which I’m sorry to reveal, did not bring all of the boys to my yard, er, parents’ wood-paneled living room. These days, I make it a little differently. At some point, the Chex cereal became popcorn, not because I don’t like crispy crunchy magically woven pillows of corn, wheat and rice cereal, but because I love popcorn that much more. I add nuts, pretzels and something cracker-y to it. And then, as should surprise exactly nobody, I brown the butter for extra toasty depth. I add some mustard, in both Dijon and powdered English mustard formats; smoked paprika, because it completes me, and sometimes a tiny bit of dark brown sugar too. I tend to make massive amounts of it and

a kind of putrid, delicious mess

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Poached Salmon

Whether you are entertaining a crowd or making a simple meal for one, there’s nothing more easy, healthy, and delicious than poached salmon. This is my hands down favorite way to prepare salmon, because it’s so quick! Start to finish it takes only 15 minutes (at least with a small fillet), and it doesn’t stink up the kitchen the way broiling or frying salmon can.

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