Rainbow Sprinkle Cake, Why Panna Cotta Is the Perfect Dessert, Decadent Vegan Desserts, and Naturally-Dyed Easter Eggs — Most Popular Posts Published March 24 – 30

Happy Easter weekend, friends! Take a little time this morning and catch up on this week’s most popular posts, including how to make your own fabulous rainbow sprinkle cake, 10 surprisingly vegan desserts, and a few thoughts on why panna cotta is truly the perfect dessert. Enjoy!

15. Tip: Add a Crunchy, Crackly Top to Cakes and Quick Breads
14. Recipe: Fruit Crumble with Oats & Dates (Gluten-Free, Nut-Free & Vegan!)
13. Do I Really Need To Buy a New Box of Baking Soda Every Month?
12. 6 Resources for Making Fun and Colorful Naturally-Dyed Easter Eggs
11. What Is Your Most Show-Stopping, Crowd-Pleasing, Knock-Out Dessert?
10. 10 Decadent Surprisingly Vegan Desserts


Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt Cake, Churros Balls, How to Make Macaroons & Chocolate Crunch Bars — New Recipes from The Kitchn

How perfectly lovely would that Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt Cake look on your Easter table this weekend? Right?! But that’s not to take anything away from the other fabulous desserts we’ve made this week. Those Churros Balls need to be made immediately, but if it’s cookies you’re craving, we have three contenders to vie for your oven space. And am I the only one who wants to snitch a quick spoonful from that Banana Cream Pie?


Is Chocolate Your Very Favorite Thing, Like Ever? — Reader Survey

Is Chocolate Your Very Favorite Thing, Like Ever?

A Visit with Woodblock Chocolate in Portland, Oregon

As Dessert Week draws to a close (aren’t you sorry to see it go? We are!) let’s talk about chocolate for a moment. Chocolate inspires the most passionate responses — I know people who say, hyperbolically, that they could not live without chocolate, that their ultimate dessert is a wedge of the darkest chocolate cake imaginable. But chocolate doesn’t really do it for me; I like it in small amounts or swirled with peanut butter. What about you? Is chocolate the best thing ever, or could you take it or leave it? 


Jonah & Jodie’s Enchanted Cottage Kitchen — Kitchen Spotlight

“Our friends feel like they’re on vacation when they’re here,” say Jonah and Jodie in this recent Apartment Therapy House Tour. “The house has an ‘enchanted cottage’ kind of feel that makes people not want to leave.” Their glamorous yet modern Hollywood aesthetic is evident in their kitchen, too — a favorite part of the home. “When we have parties, one thing never changes… the kitchen draws a crowd.” See more photos below!


Patisserie: Mastering The Fundamentals of French Pastry by Christophe Felder — New Cookbook

If Dan Lepard’s new cookbook Short & Sweet is the one-stop shop for homey everyday sweets and baked goods, Patisserie is the one-stop shop for all things classic and French. Want to become the master of puff pastry? Craft your own pulled-sugar roses? Drap petits fours with fondant? With over 3,200 step-by-step photos and 210 recipes in 800 pages, this book will show you exactly how to do all of these things and more. Wowzas.