Roast Two Pumpkins & Make These 5 Recipes to Eat All Week Long — Meal Plans from The Kitchn

‘Tis the season for pumpkin! From jack-o’-lanterns on neighbors’ doorsteps to sugar pumpkins at your local grocery store, it’s easy to embrace this ubiquitous orange squash.

This week we celebrate the pumpkin with five recipes designed to make the most of them. You start by roasting a couple of pumpkins. Stuff and eat one for Sunday supper, then use the creamy innards of the other all week long for stew, cookies, and one-pot pumpkin pasta.


8 Ways to Use Roasted Squash Any Time of Day — Tips from The Kitchn

Winter squashes, like butternut, kabocha, acorn, and delicata, fall into the category of foods that are super versatile and always handy to have around. Sure, they’ll keep for a while sitting in a dark corner on your countertop, but there’s a much better way to put them to use — even when you don’t have any specific recipes in mind.

Roast a batch (or two) of your favorite kind of squash over the weekend, and you’ll be amazed at all the ways you can use it in meals, from breakfast through dinner, all week long.


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Baking School Graduation: Here’s Your Final Project! — The Kitchn’s Baking School

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The Kitchn’s Baking School Graduation: Your final project!
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Congratulations! You have completed The Kitchn’s Baking School! What an exhilarating, sugar-filled month it has been. Surely your fridge and freezer are packed with sweet goodies, or you’ve made some awesome new friends and are now the best neighbor ever after having shared all your amazing creations over the weeks. Most of all — you should be so proud of yourselves (insert happy dance around your kitchen)! We did it!

Before you officially graduate, here is your final project: We’re putting together many of the things you learned along the way in the creation of one spectacular layer cake. Are you ready for your final trophy?


chocolate peanut and pretzel brittle

chocolate peanut and pretzel brittle

Does anyone remember Garbage Pail Kids? Can I go predictably off-course here and admit, as I just did to my husband, who is now cracking up, that I was kind of scared of them when they came out? It was 1985! I was young! I was super into Cabbage Patch Kids and definitely did not have a grasp of parody and was this… something that could happen to a Cabbage Patch Kid? I mean, was it going to happen to mine? Why did everyone find them so funny? Ahem, right, so of course I now find them dark and brilliant, which should be no surprise given that they were co-invented by Art Spiegelman, something I learned exactly five minutes ago from Wikipedia but will now pretend I knew all along.

what you'll need
cooking the sugar

I bet you’re thinking, as per usual, “What on earth does this have to do with cooking, Deb? Focus, please!” But what I’d wanted to tell you is that for nearly eight years now, I’ve an item on my Halloween To-Cook List called “Garbage Pail Brittle,” which I’d hoped would invoke the chaos of the cards but in a less haunting to elementary school kids format. My theory was that, sure, peanut, almond and fancy seed brittles are lovely and elegant, but you know what would be even more awesome? Rice crispies. Potato chips. Pretzels. Because everyone knows that salt, crispy snacky stuff is aces against caramel, butter and chocolate.

pretzel-only brittle

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Recipe: Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies — 5 Festive Pumpkin Recipes from Nealey Dozier

I cannot leave well enough alone. As soon as I think I’ve found my chocolate chip cookie recipe, another one saunters across my computer screen singing its siren song. It drives my husband crazy, because the only recipe he wants is from his Alpha-Bakery cookbook (circa 1987). But I need more excitement in the baked goods department, which is how these voluptuous pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies found their way into my life.


How To Frost & Decorate a Layer Cake — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

It’s a special occasion (or just a random Tuesday), and you are looking for a way to celebrate. We have just the thing: cake. A gorgeous, mouth-watering, decorated layer cake, to be exact!

Have you just baked up your favorite cake recipe, made a batch of frosting, and don’t know what to do next? It’s time to learn how to stack and decorate cakes like a pro and start creating sky-high, sugar-filled masterpieces!