10 Fun Finds to Get Your Cabinets More Organized — Organizing Tips from Kitchn

If you tend to open your kitchen cabinets with a sense of trepidation because you’re never sure what’s going to fall out on your head or feet, it’s time for an intervention.

Don’t feel too bad: Kitchen cabinets can quickly turn into a messy black hole — a place where things go in and never seem to come out, unless they’re avalanching. What can you do? Invest in some cabinet organizers. We’ve rounded up 10 of them that will make your kitchen (and your life) run more smoothly.


Recipe: Cuban Breakfast Sandwiches — Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes

It’s a very particular kind of morning we’re talking about when we say this is the Cuban sandwich you want for breakfast — specifically the kind that starts closer to noon than it does to nine, and one where the night before might’ve included lots of dancing. That, or those mornings when you wake up ravenous and ready for something truly hearty to eat.

The Cuban medianoche is a close sibling to the more famous cubano. With an identical filling — Swiss cheese, pork, ham, pickles, and sharp yellow mustard — the one distinguishing element here is the bread. Often called pan medianoche or pan sauve, this bread is smaller, richer, eggier, and usually sweeter than the crusty, baguette-like bread used for cubanos. I think it makes for an all-around tastier sandwich, but then I really don’t care for bread that scratches up the roof of your mouth with every bite.

With its origins in Havana and a legacy solidified by the numerous shops, stores, and restaurants that offer it day, noon, and night throughout Cuban communities in the States, the medianoche is really the sandwich to sink your teeth into when you want to do breakfast Cuban-style.


Recipe: Black Beans and Plantains Breakfast Bowl — Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes

I feel like there are people who like all the food on their plate to touch and people who like the different dishes to maintain their own space into carefully managed sections of the plate. I am firmly in the first camp and unsurprisingly a great fan of food in bowls for this very reason. Breakfast is probably my favorite time for a bunch of things to get tossed together in a bowl, which is why this meal of cumin-spiced black beans, plantains, and a fried egg is everything I ever wanted from the first meal of the day.


The Australian Hand Soap I’m Obsessed With — Down Under

(Image credit: Julia Steele)

I am not a fancy hand soap kind of person. I did not grow up in a home with fancy hand soap. I did not know people with fancy hand soap. And I did not, as a fledgling adult, suddenly acquire a love of fancy hand soap. So, it is something of a mystery to me that I am willing to pay a small fortune for a particular Australian hand soap.

Do you know the one I’m talking about?


Recipe: Guava and Cream Cheese Pastelitos — Quick and Easy Baking

(Image credit: Guy Ambrosino)

I used to think I wasn’t the kind of person who wanted something sweet first thing in the morning, but then someone handed me a pastelito de guyaba along with a cup of strong coffee tinted with milk and my mind was forever changed.

The combination of intensely sweet guava paste and tangy cream cheese all encased in a flaky pastry dough has long been a common breakfast treat for Cuban communities and many others throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Bakeries stock this treat, home kitchens churn them out by the batches, and now you can count yourself among the many who know just how incredible this combination is with this recipe for making guava and cream cheese pastelitos at home.


This Crispy Walnut Chicken with Vegetables Is Made on One Sheet Pan — Delicious Links

(Image credit: The Recipe Critic)

When you’re tired at the end of a long day (like maybe today) and you don’t feel like making anything too complicated for dinner, this sheet pan chicken will be there for you. After a little prep work, everything cooks together on one pan in the oven, leaving you free to change into comfy clothes, pour a glass of wine, and maybe even read a few pages of that book you started a month ago.


Recipe: Veggie Supreme Egg Bake — Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes from The Kitchn

Breakfast is the meal of the day that seems the hardest to get some vegetables in, and to be honest, the idea of vegetable chopping first thing in the morning isn’t very appealing. That’s where this easy egg bake comes in. Loaded with sautéed spinach, carrots, and mushrooms and held together in a creamy cheddar, potato, and egg base, this breakfast casserole is a tasty way to start your morning. And the best part? It has five different types of vegetables that can all be found pre-cut at the grocery store, making this a no-chop breakfast that couldn’t be simpler to throw together.