The Best Reactions to Trump Serving Fast Food at the White House — Food News

If you’re invited to the White House by the president of the United States, it’s fair to say your imagination takes over as to what might happen when you get there. Will you get a tour of the Lincoln bedroom? Will the First Lady make an appearance? How do they plan on entertaining you?

Well, the Clemson Tigers — who were invited to the White House by President Donald Trump after beating the Alabama Crimson Tide last week, winning the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship — found out with the rest of America what their particularly unique presidential experience would be.


Recipe: Trader Joe’s Crispy Sweet Potato Gnocchi — Recipes from The Kitchn

Store-bought gnocchi is one of my favorite grocery-store conveniences, so I usually throw a bag or two into my cart every time I’m at Trader Joe’s. But instead of boiling it, I roast my gnocchi for the easiest pasta night ever. That’s right — forget everything you know about cooking gnocchi (and disregard the instructions on the package, too). Instead, toss your gnocchi on a sheet pan and roast until it’s plump and just a bit caramelized.

Not only does this save you the step of boiling water, but it also gives you gnocchi with crispy edges. When tossed with a couple other ingredients — like sausage and pesto — you’ve got a fun twist on a dinner favorite.


Recipe: Trader Joe’s Garlic Naan Flatbreads — Recipes from The Kitchn

If it were up to my husband, we’d eat pizza for dinner every single night. Yes, even though we have a standing Pizza Friday each week, it’s just not enough for him. So I’m never surprised when he suggests these flatbreads for dinner, seeing as they’re essentially pizza with a fancy name. I usually let it slide since they’re such a quick, satisfying meal and I will also happily eat them on repeat. You just need three ingredients from Trader Joe’s to make these cheesy flatbreads possible.


A Plain Egg Has Finally Beaten Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Record — Food News

Which came first: the chicken or the Instagram influencer?

2019 is already off to a great start. First we were blessed with a 27-pound bucket of mac and cheese from Costco, and now this Instagram egg. On January 4, 2019, Instagram account @world_record_egg (aka “EGG GANG”) posted a picture of a plain, rather boring stock image of a brown egg. The goal of the photo was to beat Kylie Jenner’s record of most-liked Instagram picture, a photo of her and her 5-day-old daughter, Stormi, posted on February 6, 2018.


All the Foods You Thought Were Totally Fancy as a Kid (That Definitely Weren’t) — Food News

Television writer Ariel Dumas (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) asked a seemingly innocuous question on Twitter last week that brought out almost 7,000 responses while getting at an adorable but very true point: Kids have an extremely skewed view of reality. “What was the thing you thought was very fancy as a kid that turned out not to be?”


Here’s How One Mom Paid Down Her Debt by Meal Planning — Tips from The Kitchn

For many years my husband and I tried to set a budget, but it never really stuck. And for a while that was fine. We didn’t struggle to pay bills or have tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and we always had a healthy savings. But last year we relocated, and my husband’s income changed in a way we didn’t expect; we had to get really serious about budgeting our regular income and his variable income.

About the same time I discovered The Budget Mom on Instagram, and my family and I started using her methods for tracking and budgeting our expenses. The biggest challenge we faced was finding a food budget that worked well for our family. Here’s how Kumiko Love taught me to set a realistic food budget that my family can actually live with.


25+ Vegetarian Dinners to Make in Your Cast Iron Skillet — Recipes from The Kitchn

The beauty of a cast iron pan is its universality — which means if your kitchen is a hub for delicious vegetarian dishes, then this most-beloved pan has a place in it as well. It can help you sear veggie burgers, make a mean tomato cobbler, and cook up frittatas. Consider this list of vegetarian recipes to make in a cast iron pan our love letter to all the cast iron pan can do.


5 Things You Should Do Before You Turn on a Burner — Life in the Kitchen

The process of cooking — that by which raw ingredients are transformed into deliciousness — may technically happen only after the oven heats up, or the pan on the stove gets hot, but it really begins before that. It starts the moment you walk into your kitchen and decide to cook something.

Before you pour a little oil into the pan and turn on the stove, stop. Do these five things first, and your cooking session will certainly be less stressful and way more enjoyable. (Seriously — I have started cooking before these things were in place, and I can attest to my stress levels. I wish better things for you.)


Here’s Every Family-Friendly Dinner Recipe You Could Ever Need — Recipes from The Kitchn

I’ve been cooking family dinner for seven years now, and despite a rigorous meal planning routine I still find there are days (or weeks) where I just can’t figure out what to feed my family.

Here are 50 of our favorite family meals — a list that includes everything from chicken fingers to pancakes — that you can pin, bookmark, or save for those nights when you need a dinner recipe that the whole family will love.