You Can Now Buy Cauliflower Gnocchi at Trader Joe’s — Grocery News

I must admit that I am a latecomer to the whole “loving cauliflower” thing. When I was a child, my first taste of cauliflower was a watery, steamed, poorly prepared version of it, so I just assumed I hated it for the rest of my life.

There never seemed to be a reason to try it again, either. Brightly colored vegetables seem vibrant, healthful, and flavorful, but cauliflower just looked like dead broccoli.


Why I’m Obsessed with This Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (No, Not That One) — Kitchn Obsessions

Most of the internet food world has spent the last six months going gaga over Alison Roman’s salted chocolate chip shortbread cookies, but as a mom of two little kids, I can tell you that a shortbread studded with dark chocolate and sprinkled with flaky salt does not pass as a chocolate chip cookie for anyone under 10 years old.

There are many, many recipes for chocolate chip cookies on the web (Kitchn has about a dozen — here, here, and here), but when you need chocolate chip cookies immediately for a play date or a bake sale or honestly just a rainy Saturday at home, this chocolate chip cookie recipe (that I’m currently obsessed with) saves the day.


How To Make Easy Oven-Baked Risotto — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

You’ll never catch us saying traditionally prepared risotto is hard, but we’ll certainly be the first to admit it does require some attention. But if you think your cooking routine doesn’t leave much room for this technique-based dish, don’t write it off just yet!

In fact, what if I told you creamy, dreamy restaurant-style risotto with a fraction the effort is still within your reach? Yes! You can have all that without the constant stirring or even the need for a special tool. I’m talking about baked risotto!

Baked risotto, with hardly any stirring at all, delivers a pot of tender rice in a rich and savory sauce. Stir in sweet and nutty basil pesto and a handful of fresh green peas before topping with pancetta and Parmesan, and you can easily add this springy risotto to your weeknight meal plan — no fuss required.


7 Fast & Fancy Chicken Thigh Recipes — Recipes from The Kitchn

As chicken thighs have become a staple on so many of our meal plans, it’s all too easy for them to feel mundane — that is, of course, unless you give them a little special treatment.

Diverge from the usual and chicken thighs can quickly transform into fancy (yet still as fast as always) meals that are perfect for dinner parties or just a normal Wednesday night at home with your family.


How To Make Slow Cooker Cream of Chicken Soup — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

From here on out, creamy chicken soup from the slow cooker shall be known as change-your-life chicken soup. Try to imagine all the goodness of chicken soup — moist, tender chicken, bites of sweet carrot and peas — but wrapped in a creamy broth flecked with black pepper.

This creamy chicken soup is how you do comfort food from the slow cooker. It’s perfect for weeknights or cozy weekends at home. All you need on the side is a spoon for slurping and a few buttered biscuits for dunking.


25 Colorful Mediterranean Recipes to Feel Good About — Recipes from The Kitchn

We’ve heard for years about the wonders of the Mediterranean diet. Featuring foods like olive oil, whole grains, fish, legumes, fruits, and vegetables, it’s considered an all-around healthy way of eating. Even if you don’t adopt it completely, it’s easy to work a few more Mediterranean-inspired meals into your weekly menu plan, even if it’s just for the bright and satisfying flavors alone.

Here are 25 of our favorite recipes — from breakfast to dinner to snacks — that will help you do just that.


crispy tofu pad thai

Like a lot of people who go way back in the land of food blogs, I learned how to make pad thai from Pim Techamuanvivit. Pim wrote Chez Pim for many years before moving onto make jams (still the best apricot I’ve ever had) and then, homesick for the food she missed from growing up in Bangkok and disappointed by the versions of Thai food she saw in American restaurants (and “the tyranny of peanut sauce”), opened her first restaurant, Kin Khao, in San Francisco in 2014. It received a Michelin star a year after it opened because why do anything mediocre?

what you'll need

But in 2007, she wrote a seminal post called Pad Thai For Beginners that I’ve read and reread so many times over the years, I’ve practically memorized it. As pad thai is one of the most popular street foods in Thailand, she encouraged us to approach it at home the way the street vendors do: the prep is already done, so you can finish it in a flash. First, she wants you to make the sauce in advance because the ingredients are not standardized — fish sauces and tamarind concentrates will vary in intensity between brands — and you’ll want to adjust as needed, not over a screaming hot pan while your noodles get soft. And she wants you to make extra because it keeps well, and then if your dish needs a little more oomph, you won’t have to run back to the fridge to measure more from bottles and jars. Finally, she wants us to never make more than two portions at once, which will lead to “clumps of oily, sticky noodles.” She explains that the textures and flavors of a proper pad thai “derive largely from the way the dish is cooked, that is to say its quick footloose dance in an ultra hot wok. That simply means you can’t do many servings at once.” This doesn’t mean you cannot feed a crowd, you simply prep as much as you’d need, but only cook a portion or two at a time.

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