The Smartest Ways to Store Measuring Cups and Spoons — Organizing for Bakers

Measuring cups and measuring spoons can be tricky to store because even though they sort of nest, they’re always flopping around and getting lost in the nether-regions of your drawer. If you keep your measuring tools connected, they all get dirty when you need just one. If you take them apart, they get lost, one by one. But if you’re a baker or someone who really likes to follow a recipe, it’s very important to actually be able to find your measuring tools when you need them.

These clever organizing ideas will keep your measuring cups and spoons under control.


5 Cookies, Cakes & Treats for People Obsessed with Peppermint — Recipes from The Kitchn

Peppermint is one of the many iconic flavors of the holiday season, and we start to crave it the minute there’s a wintery chill in the air. Its cool, crisp flavor mimics the weather perfectly, and it is a nice change from the warm, spicy flavors so often found in sweet treats this time of year (hello, gingerbread!).

While we could simply buy a bunch of candy canes to get our fix, these five sweet treats are even more fun. If you have a peppermint-obsessed friend, family member, or coworker, make their holiday even sweeter with one of these recipes. Just follow the red-and-white swirl for minty desserts you can make at home.


5 Important Things to Know About Making Gingerbread Cookies — Tips from The Kitchn

If your holiday baking plans include gingerbread cookies, you are in for a treat. These richly spiced cookies sweetened with molasses and brown sugar are a staple in my house every holiday season, and this year is no different. These five tips will help you bake up a truly delicious batch of gingerbread that’s wonderfully crisp and tender every time.


Yes, You Can Get a Cute, Space-Saving Pot Rack for Less than $50 — Amazon Deal of the Day

We’ve written extensively about ways to organize your kitchen cabinets in a way that will maximize your storage space, but there are only so many inches you can squeeze out of a few shelves.

Think out of the box — and look up. Utilizing unused space on your walls or ceiling not only creates brand-new storage, but it also keeps often-used gear within arm’s reach. And while we’re huge proponents of kitchen pegboards, we also love this ceiling-mounted pot rack.


endive salad with toasted breadcrumbs and walnuts

I understand that most people, normal people, can outline phases of their lives through jobs or photo albums or even where they lived; I apparently can do it through endive salads I was obsessed with at the time. In 2005, there was one from Nigella Lawson in the New York Times with toasted hazelnuts, grain mustard, lime and orange and sesame oil. My husband and I were a relatively new thing at the time and he wasn’t terribly into endive but he ate it politely for weeks and weeks, and eventually came around, or caved. Same thing, right?

what you'll need

Nine years later, I surprised my husband with a weekend in Miami for his birthday, although I hadn’t realized when I booked it four months earlier that I would be pregnant at the time and unable to enjoy so many of the culinary wonders of José Andrés’ Bazaar — tartares and raw oysters and his signature gin and tonic and no I’m not still mad about it, you’re still mad about it and want a do-over. The endive salad with orange segments, goat cheese, almonds and chives made up for a whole lot; I couldn’t get enough of it and it made it at least 18 more times when I came home, and demanded you make it too. (I still maintain that nothing goes better with the latke course at any Hanukah lunch or dinner gathering, a lightweight contrast.)

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How To Make Slow Cooker Mulled Wine: The Easiest, Simplest Method — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

Serving warm mugs of steaming mulled wine is the smartest thing you can do to upgrade any holiday party. It doesn’t get any easier than adding a few bottles of wine, some brandy, maple syrup, whole spices, and orange peel to a slow cooker and heating until warm. There’s no need to stand behind the bar shaking up individual cocktails when, with the help of a slow cooker and a ladle, guests can serve themselves while they mingle.

With just a few glugs, a twist of a spice jar, and a flick of your wrist, you will have a custom cocktail fit for every occasion through the new year.


The Best Stocking Stuffers to Get from Any Grocery Store — Stocking Stuffers

You’ll probably be making more than a few trips to the grocery store over the next few weeks to pick up food, libations, and cold medicine. While you’re there, consider browsing the aisles to pick up a few stocking stuffers. They are a particularly good place to pick up very practical items that people will actually use, not just fun tchotchkes in cute packaging.

Here are just a few of the great stocking stuffers you can get at any grocery store.


The Best Stocking Stuffers to Order on Amazon — Shopping

I am the type of person the holidays sneak up on. If not for Amazon Prime and its free two-day shipping, I do not think I would have been on time with a present in 10 years. Fortunately Amazon does exist, and it’s full of weird, whimsical toys and useful gadgets that are perfect for last-minute stocking stuffers.

Here are 10 great stocking stuffers to order on Amazon right now. They’ll delight your friends and family, and you still have plenty of time to buy them — even if you’re not a Prime member.