cinnamon sugar scones

I realize that there is not a dearth of scone or biscuit recipes on this site, the internet, or cookbook shelves at large — they’re easy to make, and the good ones are, to me, a revelation. Still, I had not planned on adding to the category. I confess I’d been attempting to thin my cookbook collection a few months ago when I flipped through the cookbook that brought us these great early summer strawberry-rhubarb crisp bars bars and zoomed in on these stunners. How had I missed them? I made them for breakfast on son’s 10th birthday last week and the apartment smelled so blissful and fall-like, I decided to share them immediately on the site, haha just kidding.

butter into flourbring it together and knead once or twicecinnamon and sugar on halffill and fold againpat into a round-ish shapedivide into six wedgesready to bakecinnamon sugar scones

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