The Section of Amazon You’re Not Shopping but Should Be — Shopping

If you like craft fairs and sweet homemade pieces — like bespoke pottery, screen-printed tea towels, and hand-cast cement coasters — then you need to shop on Amazon more. Not really the place you’d think of when it comes to handmade goods, right? You probably hit up Amazon for cases of La Croix, trash bags, cookbooks, small appliances, and other kitchen items and then head to Etsy for the cutesy stuff?

What you might not have realized is that Amazon has a very Etsy-like shop called Amazon Handmade. In fact, a lot of Etsy makers are also on Amazon Handmade, where you can sometimes get free Prime shipping — and there’s a whole section dedicated to artisans who make wares for the kitchen and dining room.

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Of Course Martha Stewart Is Launching a Line of CBD Products for Pets — Food News

If you told me a few years ago that Martha Stewart was involved with hemp, I’d probably assume you meant that she was crafting macrame plant hangers. Well my friends, the year is 2019, and Martha Stewart is now an advisor to Canopy Growth, one of the leading cannabis companies in North America.

In the official announcement, the company revealed that Martha plans to help co-create a line of hemp-based cannabidol-infused (CBD) pet products, aimed at improving holistic health. Martha used to be an expert on weeding— does this now mean that she is an expert on weed?


salted peanut tart

My devotion to peanut butter and any and all of the ways we smash it up against chocolate would be impossible to question. From peanut butter cookies dotted with more peanut butter and chocolate chips, peanut butter-filled chocolate cookies, peanut butter and chocolate tarts, cakes, icebox and cheesecakes to peanut butter-swirled brownies, peanut butter blondies with chocolate chunks, it shouldn’t surprise you in the least that I also have a favorite Reese’s peanut butter cup shape (egg, as if there were ever a debate). However, my peanut devotion is neither limited to peanut butter or the proximity of chocolate, and so when we ended up at Houseman restaurant a couple weeks ago for dinner, we tried the salted peanut tart with sour cream for dessert and I have not been able to stop thinking about it since.

one minute latermake fork holesskip the weights and use foilpar-baked tart shell

It turns out it’s not just me. It’s “like pecan pie without all the goo” Pete Wells wrote in the New York Times. Tejal Rao described it as “a fine, low-to-the-ground number with a crisp pastry, plenty of actual peanuts, and very little of anything else” for Bloomberg. And Scott Lynch said “this gooey, crunchy, buttery beauty is like the peanut brittle of your dreams, and the whipped, fluffy dab of sour cream adds an unexpected and wholly welcome bit of tang to the party,” on Gothamist.

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These Glass Containers Are Perfect for Meal Prep — And They’re on Sale on Amazon — Shopping

Would it surprise you to know that there’s a storage container with a very passionate fan base? Well, if you’ve been ignoring our pleas to ditch your wimpy plastic storage containers for the greener and arguably more versatile glass variety, Amazon is currently offering a great deal on five large premium glass containers. And based on the reviews, people really love them.


I Tried Trader Joe’s New Hummus and Found Snack Heaven — Grocery News

Hummus is the ultimate healthy snack: Chickpeas are packed with fiber and protein, and accompanied by a platter of crunchy veggies for dipping, you’re really getting double the nutritional value. Basically, if you’re looking to replace chips and salsa with a snack that actually benefits your body, you need to grab some hummus.

There’s just one problem: Chickpeas can be a little boring (sorry), even with the addition of salt, olive oil, and a dash of lemon juice (double sorry). Lately there has been some pushback against flavored hummus (and dessert hummus really is a bridge too far) but I do understand the impulse to spice up this simple snack. That’s why Trader Joe’s buffalo hummus sounds so appealing: It’s a familiar flavor that goes great on our favorite junk foods (hello, chicken wings!) and might make it just a little easier to stomach eating healthy.


Um, This Instant Pot Competitor Has a Built-in Fridge — Food News

Instant Pots make a huge difference in the cooking life of many Americans, with the super-speedy pressure-cooking options and the one-pot abilities to brown and cook stews. Whole genres of cooking and food blogging have been devoted to the multi-cooker in the years since the kitchen appliance arrived on American shores. But now, reports Gear Patrol, a kitchen appliance company called Gourmia is offering a competitor that one-ups the famous pot, called the CoolCooker MultiCooker.


I Tried Trader Joe’s New Healthy Pizza Crust and the Hype Is Real — Grocery News

Everyone loves pizza; this is an indisputable fact. But pizza is not exactly the most health-conscious food, and I’d wager there are probably a lot of people out there desperate for a diet-friendly alternative. Luckily Trader Joe’s has a new gluten-free, egg-free broccoli and kale pizza crust in its freezer aisle. I recently decided to try it out for myself and, for the most part, the hype is earned: It’s super customizable, vegetable-forward, and will satisfy your pizza craving.


Why One Dad Decided to Live on Expired Food for a Year — Food News

One of my favorite treats in the world is strawberry yogurt — the French kind with the little pieces of fruit in it. Because of its unique texture and ability to go bad in a snap, freshness is always on my mind when eating it. I often even have a person double check it (yes, really) to make sure it’s not expired even though the expiration date is days, sometimes even weeks from the day I’m eating it. I guess you could call me a expiration date skeptic.

Turns out my polar opposite has been living in the same county as me all this time, and he just completed an experiment: eating “expired” food for a year.