18 Side Dishes to Serve Alongside a Juicy Steak — Recipes from The Kitchn

Once you’ve mastered the art of cooking the perfect steak in the oven, you can start to think about finding your perfect seasonal side dish. There are so many options available, but only certain sides are worthy of sharing your plate with a steak.

Start with this list of 18 mouth-watering options. We guarantee you’ll find something that fits your taste.


The 3-Ingredient Snack I’m Currently Obsessed With — Kitchn Obsessions

(Image credit: Lauren Kodiak)

Working from home means that I do a lot more snacking throughout the day than I’d like to admit. Instead of preparing a proper lunch, I’m more likely to eat a little of this and a little of that all day long until dinnertime. Some of my go-to snacks include yogurt and granola, carrots and hummus, cheese and crackers, and fresh fruit.

But I have a new favorite that’s been in heavy rotation. It only requires three ingredients, and sometimes it doubles as dessert.


What I Learned Between My First & Fifth Batches of Kombucha — Tips from The Kitchn

I thought about making my own kombucha for a long time. The thing that finally threw me over the edge was seeing Kitchn’s recently published videos for making both a scoby and kombucha. I pored over the written instructions more times than I care to admit, but actually seeing someone go through the steps made it seem easy and gave me that extra bit of confidence I needed.

Nevertheless, I approached my first batch with all the uncertainty (and panic) I’m sure first-time brewers feel: Should those floaty things really be in there? Is that brown splotch okay or is it mold? But five batches later, I’m way more laid-back about brewing kombucha, and I learned a few lessons along the way.


zucchini grilled cheese

A highly recommended way to be very unpopular with the people you share meals with is to tell them you’re making zucchini grilled cheese for dinner.

“Like, zucchini as the bread?”
“Zucchini instead of cheese?”
“But I don’t like zucchini!”

zucchini battenberg2 pounds of shreds2 pounds of shreds minus 2 cups liquida mix of cheesemixed with cheeseon bread

And so we’re not going to. We’re going to call this a zucchini panini when speaking to the wary and somehow, this causes less distress. Why we are accepting of vegetables inside two slices of bread when we pretend our grilled cheese has gone to Italy is not for me to question. What I can promise, however, is that this is no compromise.

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Recipe: Very Berry 4th of July Cupcakes — Recipes from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Ever since I started baking in my awkward tween years, I declared that every Fourth of July barbecue my family hosted needed a red, white, and blue dessert in order to be at its most festive. I scoured cookbooks and the internet to churn out things like flag cakes, berry pies, star-shaped fruit tarts, and layered fruit salads. Years later, I haven’t strayed from my declaration. This is my contribution this year.

These cupcakes are as celebratory as ever: Red raspberries, white cake and buttercream, and blueberries ensure the color scheme is taken care of. Seeing as we are in the heart of berry season, the fruit lends the cupcakes the sweet juiciness that only feels right this time of year. Plus, the spike of lemon in the buttercream gives the baked treats an extra zip for good measure.


Recipe: Pepperoni Chips — Easy Snack Recipes

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

The first time I made these pepperoni chips for a dinner party with friends, I put them down alongside the cheese and olives, turned back into the kitchen to get my wine glass, and by the time I returned, the chips were gone. I really am not kidding. These crispy, crunchy, salty, spicy little guys are sure to be a hit among anyone you serve them to. Not only do they require just one ingredient, but they also happen to be gluten-free. Make a big batch to enjoy over happy hour, to pack up for a snack for the kids, or to munch on during the afternoon slump — they work no matter the occasion.


20 Easy Dinners to Make When You Come Back from the Pool or Beach — Recipes from The Kitchn

On the heels of a day spent poolside or at the beach, easy summer suppers are a must. Chances are you’re still in relaxation mode, so this is not the time for meals that call for lots of prep, hands-on cooking, and dirty dishes. Instead, pour yourself a glass of rosé and lean on this selection of fresh, summery recipes that hit the table without too much effort.

From no-heat favorites like a Greek-inspired panzanella and juicy burgers, to grilled shrimp skewers and sloppy joe’s spooned straight from the slow cooker, these 20 dinners are easy to pull together and totally hit the spot.


Get Your Fridge in Order with This Organizer Set on Sale Right Now — Amazon Deal of the Day

You straighten up your house on a near-daily basis, but when it comes to your fridge, it’s probably in constant disarray, especially after you hit the grocery store. We feel you. It’s easy to just shove everything in there and think the problem will solve itself — I mean, it kind of does, as you eat the stuff that’s in there. Plus, that mess is easy to ignore because you can just close the door and poof! The mess is gone.

But here’s the big advantage to keeping your fridge in tip-top shape: It will reduce food spoilage. Ever look in the back of the fridge and find broccoli you bought two weeks ago, now unusable? Simply put: You can’t eat the food you can’t see. And if you don’t eat the food that you buy, it’s cash in the trash.