A Week of Dinners from the Freezer — Meal Plans from The Kitchn

  • Number of meals: 6 main dishes, with side dishes and one dessert
  • Sized for: Four adults with moderate appetites, or two with larger appetites
  • Primary ingredients: Ground beef, pork chops, pasta, chicken, eggs

I hosted a freezer meal party a few weeks ago, and now I am enjoying the products of my labor. My husband and I are eating well — homemade meals, no take-out or last-minute going out — but I’ve spent almost no time cooking. I’ve just been opening the freezer and pulling out meals that go straight into the oven or slow cooker. It’s pretty awesome, and I’m hooked on freezer cooking now.

Do you want to fill your freezer too? Here is a whole week of freezer meals. Spend a day prepping and assembling with this plan and you’ll have dinner for a full week stashed in your freezer (or more, if you double or triple the recipes). I offer side dish recommendations too to round out your freezer cooking into a solid week of hearty, family-friendly dinners.


How To Clean and Polish Copper — Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn

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While it’s beautiful in any state of use, copper — in its shining, polished form — can double as decor in many spaces or add texture galore to a simple table setting. If you’re looking to spiff up your copper cookware, tackling this kitchen to-do doesn’t require a lot of tools, a trip to the store for supplies, or even much elbow grease. It only requires two little ingredients you already have in the pantry.