This Blogger Found the Best Pumpkin Pie on the Internet — Delicious Links

Are you on Thanksgiving pie duty this year? If you’re having trouble sifting through all the pumpkin pie recipes on the internet (there are a lot of them!), then you might find this pumpkin pie taste test particularly helpful.

Blogger Erika, of the Pancake Princess, decided to test out 12 pumpkin pie recipes and do a tasting with friends to find the best one. It’s hard work, but someone had to do it, right?


The Best Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer Costs $4 — Travel Intelligence

You’ve all heard about the gross things lurking on airplanes (apparently the toilet is not the dirtiest place). Still, I would rather risk the perils of the seat-back tray table than use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Sure, I’ve read that alcohol-based hand sanitizer is more effective at disinfecting than washing hands with soap and water. Yes, I know it gets the seal of approval from hospitals and doctors everywhere. I just don’t like it.

The alcohol smell is a real turnoff, the liquid is goopy, and it slips and slides off your palm before you have the chance to rub it all in. Even when Bath & Body Works came out with fruity fragrances, like magical melon and peach bellini, to cover up the overpowering smell of alcohol all those years ago, the teenager in me still wasn’t convinced.

That’s why I was so thrilled to discover this alcohol-free hand sanitizer.


How To Make Baked Sweet Potatoes — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

In my opinion, sweet potatoes are a superfood on many levels. Not only are they incredibly nutritious (a one-cup serving offers 65 percent of our daily requirement for vitamin C and as much as 700 percent of the recommended daily requirement for vitamin A), but they also have a fairly low glycemic index of 17. They’re also easy to find, easy to store, and easy to cook and they can function equally in sweet or savory recipes. But most importantly, they’re delicious.


Next Week’s Meal Plan: 3 Meals to Cook Before Thanksgiving — Next Week’s Meal Plan

Yes, yes, y’all, I still meal plan the week of Thanksgiving! It keeps us all sane and from blowing through our dining-out budget before the holidays. Luckily with Thanksgiving covering dinner Thursday and probably Friday too, I’ll need just a few meals this week.

Here’s what my family of four will be eating for dinner leading up to Thanksgiving, as well as a peek at our Thanksgiving menu and plan for leftovers.


How To Make Bread Stuffing (Dressing) for Thanksgiving — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

Anyone else here think that the stuffing is the best part of Thanksgiving dinner? I love its mix of textures and flavors — crunchy roasted nuts with soft broth-soaked bread and chewy morsels of spiced sausage. Oh mama, that’s good stuff! As the self-designated stuffing-maker in our house, I’ve tweaked and tested my recipe over the years until finally settling on this one easy method.


5 Mexico City Airbnbs for $75 or Less — Bite-Sized Guide: Mexico City

For avid cooks, the pleasures of travel include not just eating out, but also experimenting with local ingredients by cooking at home. That’s why we’re such big fans of staying in vacation rentals, which allow us to break out the pots and pans whenever we want.

From chiles to chocolate, salsas to fresh cheeses, Mexico City’s markets overflow with ingredients that would tempt any home cook, and these five apartment rentals have spacious, dreamy kitchens to accommodate any cooking project, from a simple quesadilla to a complex mole. Best of all, they’re each reasonably priced at less than $75 per bedroom per night. Don’t forget to pack your apron!


10 Lovely Thanksgiving Traditions We’re Stealing for Ourselves — Make Some Memories

Most of us already have our “ways” of doing Thanksgiving — ways our mother did it, ways our extended family did it, ways our neighborhood did it. Thanksgiving doesn’t lend itself well to trying out new things, but sometimes the situation calls for new decisions — you can’t make it home for Thanksgiving, for example, or you have a family now and want to start traditions of your own. So what can you do to heighten, deepen, and extend Thanksgiving to its most memorable end?

We dug through reader comments over the years and pulled out 10 Thanksgiving traditions worth stealing.


The Kitchen Appliance You Should Be Using to Pack Your Suitcase — Travel Intelligence

When you pack your bags for a trip, you’re bringing along something you don’t need (something you probably don’t even realize is in there!): air. It’s in between your clothes, and inside the fibers of the cotton and the weave of the wool. Air might not weigh much, but it takes up valuable room that could be filled with necessities.

We’ve learned to live with it, but for those times when you need to get more stuff into your luggage, there’s an appliance we can borrow from the kitchen.