What Would Julia Child Do? Thanksgiving Disaster Edition — Keep Calm and Cook On

I think channeling your inner-Julia is a good idea in general, but on Thanksgiving, it’s more necessary than ever. I mean, here’s this major holiday with all these fancy, labor-intensive dishes that most of us only ever cook once a year, plus there’s the added pressure of delivering this meal to a crowd of hungry and expectant friends and family. It’s enough to put even the most confident and composed cook on high alert.

This is why we need Julia. What do you think she’d tell us when faced with our most stressful Thanksgiving mishaps?


parsley pecorino biscuits

parsley pecorino biscuits

This was my first summer having a garden and it coincided with the summer I hatched a new human and the themes of both keep blurring together: The goofy pride in growing things from seed. The occasionally overwhelming feeling that there are so many things and they’re all very hungry and counting on you to fix this. The twinge of sadness as they look less sprout-y and more robust. The urgency to not squander any of this.

what you'll need (plus some bonus herbs)

With that in mind, there’s the fact that a very warm fall has meant that instead of this garden looking near collapse, it’s going strong and the four billowing pots of herbs that remain are pressuring me to do something great with them before they meet their imminent frosty demise. Fried sage leaves on everything! Crisp rosemary flatbread all the time! Minced chives on every dish! Parsley… I mean, I like tabbouleh and all, but there’s no way I’m going to get through this. Let’s not pretend this made a huge dent, but 5 sprigs down is a respectable effort, right?

cutting in the butter

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