Recipe: Pork, Poblano, and Pumpkin Stew — 5 Festive Pumpkin Recipes from Nealey Dozier

I have previously shared a recipe for chile verde — a beloved holiday favorite at my house — and while this recipe for pork, poblano, and pumpkin stew is very similar, where the stew really veers off is with its aromatics: tomato paste; San Marzano tomatoes; and a fragrant blend of cumin, coriander, cinnamon, and brown sugar. This stew has a more Mediterranean vibe; a far cry from the Southwestern flavors of the original.


7 Halloween Costumes for Food-Lovers (Yes, with Overnight Shipping) — Halloween Ideas

So maybe you procrastinated because you didn’t think you wanted to do Halloween this year, or maybe you just plain forgot that the holiday was this weekend. Whatever the case may be, it’s still not too late to get a fun food-themed disguise to wear to that costume party, but you’d better get clicking. Of course, these costumes won’t be the most original options, but you can always make a few tweaks to make them feel more of the moment.


oven fries

oven fries

I am staunchly of the belief that if you really really crave something — I mean, if you’ve tried very hard to move on or distract that part of your brain/belly that rather rudely interrupts into your thoughts most days at 4 p.m. and screams “CHOCOLATE!” or “CAAAAAKE!” and it’s just not working — you should indulge it. I have no patience for baked doughnuts or sugar substitutes, and you can probably already guess that I cannot abide anything but cream in my hot coffee. Have a salad for lunch the day before and the day after, eat the steel-cut oats for breakfast, make hearty soups a regular part of your dinner rotation, but FTLOG, if you really want that chocolate cake, please, have that chocolate cake and then enjoy every last buttercreamed crumb of it.

scrubbed slicedbatons into cold watershort simmer quick drain

For me, said indulgences most often come in potato format. My love of french fries knows no bounds; they are, along with artichokes and bourbon, my desert island foods. Golden, crisp, glistening, glittering with a dusting of fine salt, heaped in a pile, I would eat a mile of baby field greens to have a single plate of the fries we used to get at a restaurant I was convinced used to use horse fat to fry them because I’m a monster and they were otherworldly. And so help you if you serve them with homemade mayo — so help you, because I love you and you will never get rid of me now.

ready to roast

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Recipe: Creamy One-Pot Pumpkin Pasta — 5 Festive Pumpkin Recipes from Nealey Dozier

A few years ago I featured a recipe inspired by the one-pot pasta craze, but with the chilly weather finally settling in, it seemed appropriate to transition that weeknight family favorite into the fall. All you’ll want to do after making this is cuddle up on the couch in a pair of fuzzy socks. Forget the blanket — this cozy dish is bound to keep you warm!